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Prepare for an experience like none other.

Atmosphere of a true holiday.

Established in 1997, The Johnson’s Cafe is the first trout speciality restaurant in the country. Our all day menu showcases a variety of dishes ranging from succulent lamb, pork and vegetarian preparations to freshly prepared thin crust pizzas straight from our very own wood fired oven. The idea behind the restaurant – which is a culmination of a family effort, is to create the atmosphere of being welcomed into the Johnson’s home.

Because you deserve the best.

Great food.

Wether you’re in town for a vacation or just stopping by in between a road trip you can always find time time to treat yourself to some exquisite food.Here at the Johnson’s,we do just that!

Treat yourself.

Plush drinks.

Apart from our speciality cocktails the bar aslo houses a milieu of indian and imported liquors and also facilitates as a wine shop providing the best rates and variety of wine in the valley.

Music & events.

Perfect ambiance.

Here at the Johnson’s cafe with regular music events ,cosy fireplaces to beat the winter chill, indoor as well as outdoor seating and a bonfire – we guarantee you a good time.

Soak in the hills with every bite.

Rustic and chick restaurant style.

The Johnson’s cafe is more than just a restaurant. It’s an experience under one roof. The finest wine, gourmet food, a perfect ambiance. At Johnson’s cafe we make sure you go back with a feeling of satisfaction and want, to keep coming back for more.

  • Indoor & outdoor seating.

  • Both vegetarian & Non-vegetarian options.

  • Is complemented with fireplaces and a bonfire pit.

  • Wood fired oven – Fresh . tasty . authentic

  • Family friendly environment. Casual or fine the choice is yours .

Dining here?

We use fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Drop in any time.

All day menu.

Contact us : +91-7018306324.

Don't miss your chance to visit us.